Hip-Hop-ul Din Romania @ by Lalas… Partea II


Foarte multa lume a uitat cine au fost taticiii hip-hopului la noi. Primele trupe din hip-hopul romanesc,in ordinea oarecum cronologica a infiintarii lor au fost :

Vorbire Directa ( MC Robby,Dj Cristi ) – infiintata in 1993. S-au retras in 1995,atunci cand fenomenul hip-hop era mult prea confuz in mintile romanilor. Au fost promovati de Dj Sleek la Radio Nova 22 si de Adi Niculescu la Radio Uniplus. Au scos doar 3 melodii,din care in prezent se cunosc „Banii” si „Suparare,suparare”.

Cimitirul Bellu ( Marian – nume de scena Colonelu’ si Bobby Georgescu,nume de scena Bobby ). Infiintata in 1993,a fost una dintre primele formaţii de hip-hop din România. Au aparut la tele 7 abc in 1994 si 1995,ei fiind destul de populari pentru un spot cu gunoaie,referitor la saracia si mizeria din Romania care aparea la emisiunea „Buna Dimineata Romania” din acea perioada. (am inregistrarea video cu fragmente din emisiunea respectiva unde au aparut ei,si la cerere o s-o pun pe forum sa vedeti si voi cam ce televiziune aveam noi la 5 ani dupa revolutie ). Formaţia Cimitirul Bellu a avut un singur album oficial,denumit „Muzica din coltul strazii”,lansat prin casa de discuri „Alpha Sound” in 1997.

M & G ( Mari,Co-G ) – infiintata undeva intre 1992-1993.


Dupa aproape un an in care trupa M&G a sustinut diferite concerte Hip-Hop in cluburile bucurestene, pe data de 8 decembrie ora 14, 1994, la magazinul muzical Yamaha, are loc lansarea primului album intitulat „Asculta Si Da-i Mai Departe”.In anul 1998 se lanseaza pe piata cel de-al 2- lea album M&G intitulat „Rapsodique”, urmand un an mai tarziu (1999) aparitia maxi single-ului „Asa Ne Place”.
„Biografia Celor De Jos” lansat in anul 2000, sa vrut a fi un ultim album M&G in stil Hip Hop, tinand cont de unele influentele ragga acumulate in timp, ei isi propun ca urmatorul album sa fie in totalitate Ragga-Dancehall. In anul 2005 se concretizeaza primul album Ragga-Dancehall din Romania, intintulat „Asalt Raggafonic”. Abordand acest stil, atrag de partea lor tot mai multi fani si simpatizanti ai muzicii Dancehall. 2005 este anul in care M&G sunt nominalizati la Mtv Romanian Music Awards la categoria Best New Act. In mai bine de 12 ani de cand au pornit pe acest drum, Mari si Co-G au ramas in aceeasi formula: M&G.
Ultimul material M&G a fost lansat in 2006. Se numeste „Striga Hey”, primul extras pe single fiind piesa „Gentleman”, in colaborare cu Melanie, cea din urma fiind si prima colaborare cu o voce feminina.

Ciuraru – Biografia de pe myspace-ul lui :


Born on november the 2nd 1977 in Cluj, I started rapping at the age of almost 16 in 1993. First, it was out of fun, that’s until my first single „Direct Din Astileu”, recorded in 1994, stirred up the romanian underground scene. In 1995 I released my first album „Ce Primejdie?!”, which until this day is regarded as a milestone in romanian underground hip-hop, not to mention it was the second romanian rap-album ever to hit the streets, after R.A.C.L.A.’s first album, also released in 1995. One year later, I began taking this rapshit more and more serious, when I dropped my second album, entitled „Valabil”, which also contains a couple of, until this day, unforgotten classics. In 1997 came my third album „Viata-i O Durere”, 22 tracks strong, which until this day is the first and only romanian rap double-album, not being a compilation or a greatest hits-album. After an one year break, in 1999 came my fourth album, entitled „Strictu Necesar”, an album I produced myself 90% with the rest coming from Stellan aka Sommerzeit aka S.T.O. aka Stuttgarts Finest (you can find him amongst my top friends). The same year, „VESTit” came out, a bullshit-ass bootleg album which I heard for the first time two weeks (!!!) after it had been released without my permission and on which I got fucked over by a record company which mixed my vocals over some lame-ass pop music. Finally, after initially retiring from the rap-scene, I hooked up with my main man Alex „Al X „Ardelean aka Etajul 3 Records, to produce and record an absolute masterpiece (at least in our opinion) called „Scoala Veche”, containing 16 tracks and on which are featured some of the greatest talents from the westside of Romania, like my true friends „Bruiaj Mintal” and „OCR” aswell as Bucharest’s realest „Brugner” (himself being a true legend in this romanian rapshit, down since day one). Besides „VESTit”, every track I ever recorded was meant to be and remain underground, I never had no commercial interests, I always used hip-hop as a platform to express myself and release my anger and feelings. At the same time, I was and still am (14 years later, goddamn it!!!) the only romanian rapper who is using specific regional dialect in his raps, continuing to refuse using proper language just to get a bullshit record deal that ain’t worth shit in this country. Thank you, much love and peace to everybody visting this site. Y’all invited to write me your messages, I will respond to all of them personally. THIS IS THE ONE AND ONLY WAY OF CONTACTING ME AND KEEPING UP WITH THE SHIT THAT I DO. ANY OTHER BULLSHIT-SITES PRETENDING TO HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH ME, IZ FRAUD!!! Peace. Mesteru’.


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